Everything You Need to Know About Deleting Bookmarks on Mac

It is not easy to delete bookmarks in Mac and Mac app cleaner is a good application for this job.

Mac app cleaner can remove rubbish and junk files from your Mac, including the useless and unneeded bookmarks. To do so, you just need to select the bookmark or folder that you want to delete and then click “Remove”.

To clear up all the old bookmark folders in your computer, just click on “Empty Trash” at the top of your screen.

Easy Steps For Deleting Bookmarks on Mac

This article will teach you how to remove bookmarks from your Mac and delete deleted bookmarks from your computer.

Step One: Open the Finder window

Step Two: Select “Go > Home” in Finder window

Step Three: Navigate to the folder where you want to delete the bookmark and make sure it is selected (if not, select it)

Step Four: Press “Command + Shift + G” in order to bring up a Go To Folder dialog box and type the following address in the text field: ~/Library/Application Support/BrowserHistory.bak

Step Five: Press “Return” in order to access that location in Finder and open that folder in Finder

What is the Difference Between Removing & Deleting a Browser’s Bookmark Folder?

If you are mouse-clicking on a link that opens in a browser’s bookmark folder, what is the difference between removing the bookmark and deleting the bookmark folder?

If you remove them, this removes all of the bookmarks from that webpage. This means if you accidentally removed your entire browser bookmark folder, it would take hours to replace it with all of your other bookmarks. You should do this only when absolutely necessary.

Deleting them removes just one specific webpage from your browser’s bookmark list.

How to Delete Old Bookmarks or History & Clear Browser Data?

When you’ve been browsing the internet for an extended period of time, you might end up with a lot of bookmarks that are no longer relevant. It can be difficult to find them in your browser history or bookmarks bar, and they might take up a lot of space.

In this article, we will explain how to delete old bookmarks from your browser history and clear your browser data by using a few simple steps.

This quick guide will teach you how to delete old bookmarks from your history in Safari so that it doesn’t clutter up your main screen with useless data.

How to Remove a Browser’s Bookmark Folder on Mac OS X

In order to remove a bookmark folder from your Safari browser on Mac OS X, in Daily Fix Guide opinion, you need to navigate to the following folder:


From here, you will want to make a new folder called Old Bookmarks. This is the name of your bookmark folder that you want to delete. Then inside of this new folder, make a single new directory for your old bookmarks and another one named “Trash”. After this, open up Finder and navigate to the following location:

/Users/YourName/.Safari/.BookmarkBar-Old Bookmarks

In here, you will find a file called “OldBookmarkBar”. Right-click it and select “Open With” then select “TextEdit”

How To Keep Your Browser Clean & Avoid Tracking?

Chrome, Safari, and Firefox are some of the most popular browsers. Though they are mainly designed for desktop use, they also work on Apple, Android, and other devices.

The option to delete old bookmarks in Safari is available under the “Safari” menu in your browser. This can help you maintain your browser clean and avoid tracking. Some browsers like Chrome also allow you to do this through the settings menu.

Best Ways to Delete Cookies & How To Clear the Cache of Browsers?

Cookies are used as a way to hold user data on a device until the user deletes it. However, cookies can also be cleared if they’re no longer needed.

Some of the most common ways to delete cookies are by using an add-on like Firefox’s “Clear Recent History” or “Clear Private Data” add-ons; deleting cookies via the preferences section of your browser; using an uninstaller; using security software like Malwarebytes; deleting cookies via help menu in your browser.

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