How to Block Text Messages on Samsung

This article will teach you the easy way to block text messages on your Samsung device.

To block a number on your Samsung device, follow these steps:

1) Open the Messages app

2) Choose the message thread you want to block and tap on More (top right corner of every conversation)”

3) Tap Block Contacts and confirm your choice (or Block this Contact if you already blocked that contact) with the Enter key on your keyboard.

4) The contact will be blocked for all conversations listed in that thread.

Why it’s Important to Block Text Messages on Samsung

To block text messages on Samsung devices, you can use the built-in functionality of Android Messages. On Android Messages, tap the Menu button at the top left corner of the screen.

In the menu options, tap Settings > Blocked Contacts and then toggle Blocked Contacts to ON. This will block all future text messages from this contact.

You can also add contacts to your blocked list by going to your device’s settings > blocking tab and then tapping Edit > Add new > Contact.

Who Should Block Text Messages on Samsung

With the rise of phone use, we have seen an increase in the number of people who are getting blocked by their previous and current contacts. This is a common problem faced by many Android users. With Samsung blocking texts from people you call and message frequently, this is a concern for many people. While in some cases it might be a nuisance, there are some important reasons why someone should block someone on their phone.

The most important reason is to preserve the privacy of your personal calls and messages. It keeps you safe from annoying spam calls or excessive text messages irrespective of who they are coming from in your contacts list. Another reason is to ensure that you never get tempted to pick up that last call or message because it seems so urgent.

A third reason that could be relevant for you and your loved

How to Unblock Text Messages on Samsung

Unblocking a Text Message on Samsung

The first thing that you need to do is to switch your phone off. This will remove all the traces of you having called, or texted, the person. The next step is to go into your settings and navigate to “Device Security.” From there, select “Lock screen personal data.” You will have the option of picking a PIN or using Face ID or Fingerprint ID. Choose whichever method you think will suit you best and proceed with your settings.

One should avoid selecting “Erase All Data” because this can permanently delete all data from your phone and it won’t be retrievable in any way.

Benefits of Block Text Messages on Samsung

Samsung has been in the mobile phone industry for a long time. So, it would be safe to say that they have learned quite a lot about what makes their consumers happy and loyal.

In a recent study, Samsung found that nearly half of consumers who receive text messages responded back to them, while only 8% of consumers who received calls from the same person returned their call within the same day. The most common reason given for not returning a call is when “I wasn’t really interested in talking.”

How to Block Text Messages on Samsung with Other Apps

With so many people, there is always the chance for trouble when it comes to text messages. However, there are a few ways to block text messages on Samsung with other apps.

The first way is by turning off the WhatsApp application from your device. This will affect all of your contacts and make sure that you won’t receive any more spam texts from them.

The second way is by using a 3rd-party application that blocks spam texts like Clean Master or PhoneSheriff because they are two of the most popular apps in the market that deal with spam texts.

Don’t Block Text Messages on Samsung If…

This is sourced from, If you have Samsung Galaxy Smartphones, do not block text messages on the device. Sometimes they may seem as random error messages, but these errors can be avoided by turning off the Block list.

The Block list refers to a feature that allows you to filter a list of numbers and contacts that you do not want to get a text message from. However, it’s important that you remember that the Block list is only temporary and will disappear after 24 hours of inactivity or when you reboot your phone.

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