5 Reasons Why Your Dog Smells Like Fish

Dogs are usually not known for their keen sense of smell, but some dogs have a knack for smelling out the stinky scent of fish.

Some reason why your dog smells like fish is that they are just really good at sniffing out the smell. Another reason is that they eat something that is not meant for them or they accidentally ate some seafood.

The most common “fish” scent your dog picks up on is actually the poop of another animal.

Why Do Dogs Smell Like Fish?

Your dog smells like fish, but you don’t know why.

  1. You forgot to give your dog a bath for over a month
  2. Your dog has been swimming in the lake all week
  3. The fish got into your pond and killed your cat
  4. Your dog ate something that had fish in it, like tuna
  5. There was food left on the floor and no one cleaned up after themselves

How To Stop Your Cat From Smelling Like Fish

Cats love to climb and play outside in your yard. One of the things that you might not know is that their urine and feces can leave a lasting odor in the house.

There is a solution for this! Some ways to stop your cat from smelling like fish is to add peppermint essential oil, baking soda, vinegar or even time in the laundry.

If you want to get rid of the smell of pets in the house but don’t want to do it yourself, there are professional pest control companies that can also help you with this issue.

What You Can Do To Make Your Dog Smell Better

Cats are notoriously difficult to deodorize. But with the help of an easy recipe for a homemade deodorizing spray, you can keep them smelling fresh and clean.

Many pet owners are quick to blame their cats’ bad smell on the litter box, but it’s actually a much more complicated issue. Cats naturally have a strong odor which comes from their glands located near the kidney area. It’s caused by the scent glands being blocked by urine residue and bacteria buildup, so there are natural remedies to reduce these odors.

Cat odor can be reduced using several methods including using baking soda in your cat’s water bowl, buying an air purifier to filter out any bad smells around your home, or using shampoos that contain antibacterial agents that kill bacteria that cause odor.

Is It Dangerous to Give your Pet Human Foods?

Dogs are fed human food, not only due to the fact that they like it, but also because of the harm that they might do.

Dogs eat a lot of things (not all of them good for them) and there is no telling what effect this will have on their health and behavior. Avoiding giving your dog human food is best for the both you and your pet.

Is it dangerous to give your pet human foods? Most vets say yes, and many dog owners (even experienced ones) feed their pets some kind of “human food” on a daily basis.

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